Remediation measures

Renovation measures for existing buildings

There are a number of remediation measures that reduce elevated radon concentrations in buildings.

If the radon concentration in a building is above the reference value of 300 Bq/m³, this can be remedied by proven remediation measures on the building. ÖNORM S 5280-3 "Radon - Remedial measures on buildings" lists the various options for sustainably reducing the radon concentration in your house. The measures range from sealing building components such as the floor slab to extracting the soil air underneath the building. Before beginning remediation, detailed radon measurements may be useful as a basis for remediation planning by a professional. This is followed by the determination of one or more remediation methods. In case of very high radon concentrations, increased ventilation (permanent ventilation of the cellar, shock or cross ventilation in the contaminated area) helps as an immediate measure until remediation.

After the remediation, the success is to be checked by means of a radon measurement. If the radon value is still above the reference value, further remediation measures are to be provided. The functionality of the measures (no clogged pipes, functioning fans, etc.) must be checked regularly.


Remediation methods

Basically, the remediation measures can be divided into two groups:

  1. Reduction of radon concentration in the rooms by dilution (mechanical room ventilation, cross ventilation, shock ventilation)
  2. Reduction of radon penetration from the soil into the building (for example: sealing of building components in contact with the soil, sealing between basement and living areas, subfloor extraction, ventilation of a crawl space).

Simple radon remediation is possible for as little as a few hundred euros. For more complex remediation measures, total costs of approximately 1,000 to 10,000 euros can be expected. The states of Upper Austria, Styria and Tyrol subsidize structural remediation measures for high radon concentrations.

Experts are available to assist you with the planning and implementation of structural radon protection measures.