House purchase Radon protection is a building issue, but should also be considered when buying a home. In this way, the long-term protection of the health of the residents is ensured.

Radon is a radioactive noble gas that can accumulate in buildings under unfavorable conditions. In the process, it has an effect on health.


The question is particularly important: Are living rooms or bedrooms with walls in contact with the ground planned for the future use of the house? Since radon enters the building from underground, this should be taken into account when using the room.

Ideally, the radon situation should be clarified with a radon measurement before purchase. For a meaningful measurement, however, at least six months of measurement are required, during which the house is used normally. This amount of time is not always available. In this case, it is advisable to include a clause in the purchase contract. Here it can be regulated who will pay for the costs of a possibly necessary radon remediation. In exceptional cases, a short-term measurement also provides initial indications of the radon situation in the building.