3rd Radon Network Meeting in Salzburg

The 3rd Radon Network Meeting took place in Salzburg at the beginning of October. This year, the focus was on the exchange of experiences among the participants. More than 60 participants from all federal provinces accepted the invitation of the Radon Expert Office to the Bauakademie in Salzburg.

Greetings were given by Daniela Gutschi, member of the Salzburg Government. On the first day, experts reported on their experiences with the Radiation Protection Act 2020 and the Radon Protection Ordinance. During exciting presentations on the subject of services and objectives of the Radon Protection Agency, Radon Protection Ordinance from the point of view of the Ministry, radon reduction in water supply systems, radon and public relations work, contents and results were presented. A lively panel discussion on the topic of "Radon protection in the workplace" concluded the first varied and interesting network day.

The second day was dedicated to the topic of radon protection in buildings. The second radon network day started with practical radon remediation examples of residential buildings and workplaces in Austria. A lecture from Canada also provided an international insight into the topic. In addition to practical tips and valuable tricks from experts, extensive experience was shared in four different workshops. The workshops were divided into the thematic groups Radon Measurement, Remediation, Radon Safe Building and Involvement of Stakeholders in Information Work. Participants actively and enthusiastically contributed and took the opportunity to network.

At the end of the event, an excursion to the Salzwelten Salzburg was on the agenda. This offered the opportunity to learn about the special features of a radon-exposed workplace and to try out various electronic radon measuring devices on site and find out about their possible uses.

In summary, all participants at the radon network meeting agreed that they had again received a lot of valuable technical information and suggestions. The third Austria-wide network meeting in Salzburg was very well received, as were the two previous network meetings in Linz 2021 and Carinthia 2022. Particularly important to the participants was the opportunity to network and exchange ideas. Cooperation partners of the event were the Government of Salzburg, the Bauakademie Salzburg and the Salzburg Chamber of Commerce.

All information about the radon network can be found here: General - Radon specialist office